English Alive course students

The Concept of ENGLISH ALIVE

The concept is a simple one: We take a team of mother-tongue speakers (qualified EFL teachers) into schools overseas to teach English intensively for 5 or more days. The classes are small, usually no larger than 20, average 16, an ideal environment for communicative activities. The course provides a platform for students to activate their English in an exciting and reassuring environment.


Again the aims are simple. Our main aim is to bring English alive. We build from the students' language base and provide the environment and opportunities for students to use the English they have already acquired. The emphasis is on improving linguistic confidence, language fluency and working on pronunciation/intonation skills.

It must be stressed that our ENGLISH ALIVE programme is complementary to the more formal year-round classroom work undertaken by students in their own schools. You as an English language teacher have built the foundations from which we can now work. We work in collaboration and not in isolation or in competition with you.



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